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About Laurie Martz

My work is influenced by the natural world where we live:  the mountains, the ocean, the land and the people who share it.  I often use the camera lens to record what attracts me and then translate that with paint in vibrant colour.

Currently my work is abstracted landscape and intuitive abstraction, diving deep into emotional landscape.  Who knows where the next turn will lead! 

My art path officially began in 1994 when I took my first adult drawing class in Vancouver at Langara College of Fine Arts.  At the time, my husband and I had 2 small children and a teenager, and I had a busy and somewhat stressful full-time career as a family physician. I needed an outlet…at the end of the first three hour class I hadn’t thought about anything outside the room, had been transported, and my soul felt rejuvenated…I was hooked. I drew and painted in my “free time” for a few years until time became even less available; then there was a long drought with only sporadic painting.


Retiring in 2016, I took my art supplies out of storage, and dove in with passion and abandon.





(have a peek in Gallery-Sketchbook to see the book drawings and other sketches). 

I am primarily self-taught since taking courses at Langara and Capilano Colleges in Vancouver in the 1990’s. Local workshops on Vancouver Island have recently  enriched my work. On-line studies with abstract international artists such as Nicholas Wilton and Louise Fletcher have helped my abstract practice grow.  I am a member of the Pearl Ellis Gallery and the Comox Valley Art Gallery and continue to explore and further develop through digital and in person learning. 

For additional information on my work including prices please contact me by the link at the top

Thanks for stopping by!

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