Laurie Martz, Artist


remember to kiss the wind

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About this piece:

Dimensions: 30x36
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Status: SOLD

Price: $0.00 CAD

…this painting was a surprise. I had spent the year diving deep into abstract practice, with occasional dips into landscape. Covid and a bout of cancer defined my 2020, and this piece came out of a turbulent time . At the time I was taking an intensive abstract painting course using only 12 in boards as substrate. Though learning a lot of technique, I was feeling ‘hemmed in’. So out came big bold marks in vibrant colour, and with it came a breath release which felt so right. And so needed. I rotated the canvas 90 degrees while musing, and there she was. And there she stayed, minor changes ensued but she stayed, perhaps running away, perhaps towards something. Therein lies the push/pull drama that is fueled by perspective. My drama was of an inner struggle which sometimes overwhelmed and at other times energised. The title was born in a moment of that release.

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