Laurie Martz, Artist



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About this piece:

Dimensions: 30x40
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Status: available

Price: $1,350.00 CAD

Visions began as a colourful loose abstract which rendered a group of figures, seemingly a family. This stopped me in my tracks, as I had not intended to paint figures. I put it to the side for a long time, picked it up recently and painted over the family and beyond. It has gone through a series of both modest and radical incarnations, frustrating and challenging me, trouble with the composition, struggled with the colours, with its texture…on and on.  It hung on my painting wall like a ghost.

One day I worked on it, turned it over and sideways and then took a quick look… and the figures were back again. Perhaps a vision of family, filtered and layered in complexity, or a dream.

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